The C Major Scale on Guitar and Bass

This is the C Major scale… its basically every real note on the guitar (or bass if you disregard 2 strings on top of the diagram) whether or not you are going to be a theory based or ‘feel’ based player you do need to know the real notes so that you can communicate with other people you are playing with or talking music with. The C major scale is also every white note on a keyboard / piano (the blacks are sharps) AGAIN: YOU DO NEED TO KNOW THIS!!!

C Major Scale

If you’re better at remembering stuff on the fretboard mentally the notes are:

E – F- G- A- B- C- D-


NOTE: Any real note at any position of the neck is part of the C major scale and you should be able to¬†familiarize yourself with the notes all over the fret board (more so if you play guitar than bass but necessary for both to get good) Ie: try to get your fingers going more intuitively all over the fret board both down the bottom end of the neck and up the top end … this will come in very handy for solos later down the track.

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