The Pentatonic Scale

The Pentatonic Scale will probably be the second most important scale you will learn (after the C major scale). It is the foundation for blues and rock music, and it translates very well into heavy rock and metal.  Its easy to learn and is called the “pentatonic” because it has five notes.

The five notes are: A-C-D-E-G

I like messing around on this scale because it has  a sleazy blues feel to it and i find it very entertaining to just noodle around in it.  I can spend hours on the couch drinking beer, watching tele and messing around in this grouping of the Pentatonic scale. (Just like other scales) The notes will work anywhere  and there will be many videos online and diagrams that show you different modes and keys to this scale, but if you learn this one as the first thing you do with pentatonics I will be very happy, and I’m pretty sure you will be too 🙂


The Pentatonic Scale

There will be a lot more we can go into into the future, and I will certainly expand on it… but if you’re just starting this will be a good start into learning the pentatonic scale. Best thing i can say is “Learn it, live it, enjoy it and spend as much time as you can experimenting around with it”

Cheers till next time!



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