The power chord is the foundation of the heavy metal beef sound that you all know and love! It’s the easiest way to get started on playing or writing the songs in the style of the bands you grew up on (Metallica and Black Sabbath are great examples of this) 

Basically a power chord is any note (generally on the lower 2 strings of the guitar) coupled with a 5th note played on the next string above it 2 frets higher to create a resonating / harmonic sound

The Power Chord

This is a “G” power chord played on the third fret of the E string and 5th Fret of the A string. It is executed using the first and third fingers as per the diagram. you can move it around the fretboard anywhere you see fit at least on the lower 3 strings (EAD)

Stay tuned and i’ll aim to get a video up here shortly of how to use the power chords and play it around the neck


As always keep checking regularly!

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