What is the Importance of a Practice Routine you ask? The fastest way to get good is to practice  and more importantly to practice regularly and efficiently! This is why I say to anyone get a practice routine going as soon as you can

If you can dedicate 1 hour a day to practicing (especially as a beginner) you WILL see yourself improving at a rate that will surprise even you!

The other important thing is to use your time efficiently if you’re a beginner to intermediate level and you can practice for one hour a day I would break your routine up into something like this…

5 mins warm ups ie: chromatic scales, fretboard patterns, string skipping etc…

5 mins scales even if you only know a couple of the scales use your time to get those cemented in your head

5 minutes: practice moving chords around on the neck so you can become able to shift around the neck subconsciously

20 minutes Learn some cover songs / riffs  of songs you like and go through them on guitar

20 minutes noodle around and riff out by yourself  and come up with some original ideas

5 minutes melody: just play something melodic to wind down


If you can record a video or audio of yourself playing and then focus on the importance of a regular practice routine you will see the difference in your playing after really only a few week if you’re reasonably new to the art

Most of the great guitar players (Vai, Hammett, Wylde etc..) will tell you the same thing that its routine except that they’ll do it for many hours a day (after all its their job) …. I read that Vai used to do 14 hours of practice a day…. obviously the more time you can put in the better but I use the “1 hour” idea for starters to get your stamina, concentration and endurance up without injuring yourself or getting sick of the instrument but once you’re comfortable with that its easy to expand and i’ll give you more ideas to fill out your time!

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