No matter what style of metal  you plan on playing there is one undisputed master of the trade. The man who invented metal music is Tony Iommi. While would appear that Tony’s band Black Sabbath are now over the fact remains that music did not become heavy until the first iconic chords of the song “Black Sabbath” off the album “Black Sabbath” rang out on record players around the world in 1969 scaring the shit out of everyone in the process.

Whether by design or by accident I feel that Tony Iommi invented the heavy metal guitar sound. Due to an industrial accident that removed the ends of his fingers as a youth Tony was unable to feel the strings on which he played guitar. Therefore it stands to reason Tony had to be able to see the chords which he was playing to make sure he go them right. Thus the power Chord was favoured. I’ve previously done a lesson on power chords so no need to go back into them now, but it became synonymous with the black sabbath, heavy overdriven chrods that ring out to infinity.

Tony used the Tritone , a three note sequence commonly found in blues music.  Some church bodies banned the use of the tritone for its evil overtones saying it was “The Devils Scale”.  combined with the distorted guitar sound Sabbath used, this turned rock music heavy and evil all in one shot.  The trinote itself is derived from the pentatonic scale with a diminished fifth /augmented fourth. It was known in medieval times as “DIABOLOUS IN MUSICA”  … the devils tone.

Heres a great video interview with the Iron Man himself, Tony Iommi discsussing his early days and struggles to create music and start a band that I just had to share with you guys 🙂


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