Reading tab (Tablature) is probably one of the most important things you can do as an up and coming musician. Reading music is probably more important if you want to be a well rounded musician but for now lets assume you just want to get started on guitar.

I’ve found a company online that does some great tabs. I’ve checked out a couple of them and they seem to play really well. So give them a try! Fortiz have been transcribing meticulously by ear and selling the tabs real cheap.

How you read tab is pretty simple the staff isn’t a musical staff but really a graphical representation of the guitar strings. The lowest sting is the lowest string on the guitar (E string in standard tuning) and the next string up is the A string and so forth. The numbers on the strings are the fret positions ie: lowest string with 3 on it means you’re striking the lowest string in the 3rd fret position. Couldn’t be simpler than that can it?

This is basically how i got started playing guitar in the 1990’s when the guitar mags used to put tablatured music in their magazines. Us readers could play along with little to no musical knowledge. There are other resources available out there like Ulitmate Guitar where you can get amazing amounts of metal and non metal tabs to play along to.

I personally think its the fastest way to learn and probably the most useful for the modern metal guitarist. Give it a go if you haven’t already!

Always be sure to check back regularly on regularly for more hints and tips on becoming a better metal musician!


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