How to adjust your neck

I own a few guitars now and it was starting to become a considerable cost travelling across town and paying someone else to adjust the necks on my guitars. Especially for such a simple fix. My hometown has some insane temperature fluctuations being extremely hot in summer and freezing cold in winter so i’d find id need to adjust them all every couple of years.

If the neck on your guitar is bent (this can happen from string tension, weather fluctuations etc)  it could result in your strings either sitting too far away from the neck making it hard to play (most metal guitar players like their strings set close to the fret board) or sitting too close to the fretboard resulting in fret buzz.

If you assess your guitar neck and you find the neck is bent inwards making the strings sit FURTHER away from the frets You will need to adjust the neck by tightening the truss rod located at the top of the guitar neck on most modern guitars with an allen key. This is done in a Clockwise motion. Similarly if the strings are too close and the strings are buzzing against the frets you will need to loosen the truss rod. its too tight you will need to loosen the truss rod and (Anti Clockwise)


If you’re reading this im assuming you’re new to truss rod adjustments. Use a cheap or disposable guitar to get this technique right. Its not hard but you don’t want to mess up on an expensive instrument

Generally speaking you shouldn’t need to adjust the neck more than and eighth of a turn / 45 degress unless your neck is really out.

Right to tight and Left to Loose is the key here!

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